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“La Catho” ends its collaboration with Alice Coffin

In a Catholic university where discretion and moderation are among the cardinal values, his presence could seem explosive. For eight years, feminist and LGBT rights activist Alice Coffin has been teaching journalism at the Institut catholique de Paris (ICP). A temporary teaching activity that the ICP has not renewed for this school year 2020. According to the newspaper The world, “La Catho” would estimate that the “Too visible militancy” of this 42-year-old former journalist, recently elected to the Council of Paris under the EELV label, would no longer be aligned with the values ​​of the institution, particularly renowned for its theological training.

The resignation of Christophe Girard

Alice Coffin, who worked for several years at the free daily 20 minutes for his media column and co-founded the Association of LGBT Journalists gave “Journalistic writing course”, “Of esthetics and philosophy of culture “ at the ICP. She would have learned of the end of her collaboration with the university in early September from her master’s director.

Alice Coffin’s summer was hectic. At the end of July, the former journalist became known to the general public for having demanded and won with a bang the resignation of Christophe Girard, assistant for culture at the town hall of Paris, on the grounds of his links with the writer Gabriel Matzneff, targeted by an investigation into rape of minors. In particular, she had organized a militant action in front of the Town Hall, where signs such as “Welcome to pedoland” aimed Christophe Girard.

A divisive feminism

In the wake of this Parisian action, Alice Coffin found herself the target of threats, to the point that she now lives under police protection. This activist with divisive methods published a book on September 30, Lesbian genius (Grasset, 2020), some of whose comments about men have sparked controversy. In this book she tells how her feminist activism led her to stop devoting time to discovering the artistic productions of men, whose omnipresence she perceives as the “Extension of a system of domination” : “I no longer read men’s books, I no longer watch their films, I no longer listen to their music. At least I try (…) Art is an extension of the male imagination. They’ve already infested my mind. I protect myself by avoiding them. So let’s start. Later, they can come back ”, she assures in this book.

Today Alice Coffin estimates with the newspaper The world that his ouster from “La Catho” raises questions about “Academic freedom of expression”. ” I know that it is not easy for an institution to have a feminist activist, I would have been ready to discuss it with them, but they put my head under water when I was already under attack She is moved. When contacted, the ICP did not wish to react to requests from The cross.


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