“La Bretonne à la placarte” and the fall on the Tour de France: chronicle of a runaway

On the Place de Saint-Cadou, the garlands are still fluttering in the wind. Yellow, green or polka dot jerseys cut from cardboard by local children had been hung for the first stage of the Tour de France, between Brest and Landerneau. But the passage of the Grande Boucle did not go as planned: since ” the fall “, the village is in turmoil. It is here, in this wild part of Finistère, that the “lady with the sign” resides, the famous supporter responsible for a huge collective mess that occurred at kilometer 150.

It was June 26th. The young woman had prepared a cursed piece of cardboard to make a dedication to her German grandparents, Tour aficionados. With her companion, she is stationed on a hill. Then went down to the side of the road. When the camera car passes, she unfolds her huge box without realizing the danger. Back to the road, she does not hear the riders arriving and the German Tony Martin hits his sign, dragging about thirty bikes in his wake. Stars are injured, including Chris Froome in the thorax, and four other runners including Jasha Sütterlin immediately retire. Chilling image of a tide of cyclists huddled together on the ground, half the peloton on the ground like a “Great mikado”, sums up, distressed, Florence Pommerie, the Tour’s chief doctor.

Many in the village recognized the face of the manager on the call for witnesses launched by the gendarmerie. Instinctively they did

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