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Kovid-19: 17.4 million jobs estimated to be globally in the travel-tourism sector

If the current sanctions imposed due to the Kovid-19 crisis continue, then this year the travel and tourism industry is estimated to generate 17.4 million jobs. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) said on Friday that it was lower than its earlier estimates. The main reason for this is the improvement in domestic tourism in China and other countries. The council had estimated 19.7 crore jobs in the tourism sector in June.

The council said that with the continuation of travel restrictions, the region’s contribution to global GDP could be reduced by $ 4700 billion this year. This can be reduced by 53 percent compared to last year’s contribution. Council President and Chief Executive Officer Gloria Guevara said that there will be further delay in improving the condition of the area. Many more jobs can go. It depends on how fast the situation of people living separately changes after the journey. At the same time, before and after the journey, how cheap is the investigation of Kovid-19 at the airports.

4.58 million people have been infected in the world so far, millions died

The number of cases of corona virus epidemic is increasing daily. In the last 24 hours, a total of 5,48,856 new cases have been reported worldwide. At the same time, 7,157 patients died. So far, 4.58 crore people have been infected worldwide. At the same time, more than 11 lakh 93 thousand deaths have also been recorded. For the information, let us know that the recovery rate is also getting better in the top-5 countries affected by this epidemic. A total of 59 lakh 83 thousand people have been cured in America so far. A total of 73 lakh 71 thousand people have been cured in India. At the same time, 4 lakh 95 thousand people in Brazil, 11 lakh 86 thousand people in Russia and 1 lakh 15 thousand people in France have been cured.

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