Korea develops special technology to prevent suicides

Researchers and South Korean emergency services receiving agencies are working to develop artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies for timely detection and prevention of suicides.

Information from the Seoul Institute of Technology said that the AI ​​system they are developing is based on behavioral groups by analyzing data from cameras, sensors and records sent to rescue services since April 2020.

Korea develops special technology to prevent suicides

Research leader Kim Joon-chul said that, based on the details obtained from security camera footage (CCTV) and someone’s hesitation, the AI ​​can predict a dangerous situation and immediately immediately alert the rescue teams.

Regarding this, Kim Hyeong-gil, in charge of Yeoido area rescue team said, “We are confident that the new CCTV system will allow our staff to monitor cases and help us. perform the task quickly and in a timely manner”.

Currently, Kim Hyeong-gil’s team is actively working with researchers to come up with suitable technology that the Seoul fire department and rescue team will test from October.

South Korea, with a population of 52 million, has the highest suicide rate of the 37 OECD countries. South Korean government figures show that in 2019 more than 13,700 people committed suicide.

According to Seoul city authorities, each year about 500 suicides are carried out on 27 bridges spanning the Han River.

The head of the Yeoido area rescue team added that the number of rescues in 2020 has increased by nearly 30% compared to 2019, with suicides mainly falling among people aged between 20 and 30. One of the reasons for the increase in suicides in Seoul is believed to be related to economic hardship and job loss caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Phan Van Hoa(according to Reuters)

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