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Korana havoc in Russia, more than 40 thousand cases came in 24 hours, about 1200 lives were lost

Coronavirus in Russia: About 1200 more people died of corona virus in Russia on Friday and more than 40,000 new cases have been reported. Russia is battling a new wave of Kovid-19, due to which most businesses have had to close this week.

40,735 new cases surfaced in 24 hours

The National Corona Virus Task Force said that in the last 24 hours, 1192 people have died and 40,735 new cases have been reported. Earlier this week, a record 1,195 people died in a single day and 40,993 new patients were found. Officials attributed the rapid increase in cases since mid-September to the reduction in vaccination rates.

6 days national shutdown declared

The Russian government had declared a six-day national shutdown to control the spread of the virus. Last month, President Vladimir Putin ordered that most Russians stay at home between October 30 and November 7. He gave powers to local governments to extend the shutdown if needed.

Extended shutdown in many areas

Many regions, including the Novgorod region of the country, Tomsk in Siberia, Chelyabinsk in the Ural Mountains, have extended the shutdown deadline until the end of next week. Moscow’s mayor said the situation was stable enough for offices and businesses to open in the capital from Monday.

Operations in the Crimea region annexed by Russia will also start from next week. However, some restrictions will remain in place in the Russian capital, such as requiring the elderly to stay home and businesses will be required to allow 30 percent of their workers to work from home. There have been a total of more than 87 lakh cases of corona virus in Russia, while the epidemic has killed 2,44,447 people.

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