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Know which country stands where in the race for corona vaccination? Why Israel is at the forefront

After the emergency approval for the use of the corona vaccine, its vaccination work has started quite fast in many countries. In many countries including America and Britain, vaccination is being done in large numbers among the people there. But, in many ways, Israel has left behind Britain and America, who first approved the corona vaccination. Vaccination is being done fast there.

Israel has so far vaccinated about 7.44 percent of its population. While in this case the second number is Bahrain. Bahrain has got 3.29 percent of its population vaccinated. In this case, the pace of America and Britain is looking very sluggish.

The stir has intensified after the arrival of another new strain in Britain, which cleared Pfizer for emergency use in the world. So far only 1.18 per cent of people have been vaccinated in the UK. So at the same time, only 0.64 percent of the people affected by corona in the world have been vaccinated.

In the US, only 21.3 lakh people have been given the first dose of Corona till Wednesday. In the US, the Health Department has acknowledged that the pace of corona vaccination is slow there.

China has also given emergency approval to use the vaccine prepared by the government company Sinopharm here. Sinopharm has stated that this vaccine has been 79.34 percent effective in the third phase of the trial. Here, in India, the vaccine ‘Kovishield’ prepared by Oxford which is being prepared in India in partnership with Serum Institute and Astragenica, has been approved by the Expert Committee. It has been sent to the DGCI for final decision.

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