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Know, when did America get independence from Britain, what is the history of Independence Day

US Independence Day: The United States of America (US) is celebrating the 245th anniversary of its Independence Day today. Since independence from Britain in the year 1776, Independence Day is celebrated every year in America on 4th July. On this day there is a holiday in the whole country. On July 4, 1776, the US Congress declared independence from Britain.

Parade and barbecue are organized on America’s Independence Day. American people also wear red, white and blue clothes on this day. Apart from this, fireworks are considered a very important part of Independence Day celebrations in American history and tradition.

History of America’s Independence Day
Like India, America has also been a slave of the Britishers. Britishers have done a lot of atrocities on people in America too. As a result, the conflict between the British and the Native Americans gradually increased. After a long struggle, on July 2, 1776, 12 of the 13 American Colonies officially decided to secede from Great Britain and sought independence through a vote by the Continental Congress. Exactly two days later, on 4 July, all 13 colonies voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence and declared themselves independent by signing a declaration. Since then America is celebrating its Independence Day.

13 colonies together declared independence, which is also called ‘Declaration of Independence’. General George Washington became the first President of America after independence. He is known as a freedom fighter who fought for freedom. The capital of America is named after him.

Actually, America was discovered by mistake by Christopher Columbus. Columbus had set out on his ship from Europe to come to India but accidentally reached America. Later when Columbus told that he had discovered a new island. So there was a competition to capture here in many countries. The people of Britain came here in the largest number and occupied themselves.

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