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Know that after becoming President, Biden will first call the Prime Minister of which country?

Washington: After taking the oath of the 46th US President, Joe Biden promised to repair relations with global allies. Biden had said that we will improve relations with our partners and once again increase our interaction with the world. With this, he has taken his first step. The White House has told that after becoming President, Biden will first call the Prime Minister of which country.

Why would Biden call Justin Tudrow?

Joe Biden will speak to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tudrow on the phone. Tudrow would be the first foreign leader Biden would talk to over the phone. After the swearing in of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, White House press secretary Jane Saki said, “I hope Joe Biden calls Justin Tudrow. During the course, Biden will discuss key issues such as our decision to take the Keystone XL pipeline and strengthen America’s relationship with Canada. “

In fact, Joe Biden has also signed an order banning the expansion of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline soon after becoming president. Keystone is an oil pipeline, a project to transport crude oil from Canada to the United States. However, following Biden’s order, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Tudrow had expressed his displeasure that he was unhappy with the decision.

Looking forward to working with Biden- Tudrow

Tudrow said, “I work with President Biden to reduce pollution, tackle climate change, fight Kovid-19, create middle class jobs and build better by supporting a sustainable economic recovery for all Look forward to it The Keystone XL project was rejected by former President Barack Obama in 2015. However, former President Donald Trump overturned the decision in 2017 and granted permission for the pipeline project.

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