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Know – In which country women soldiers had to wear underwear of male soldiers till now

For the first time in order to attract women to the military force, the Swiss Army has continued to give women underwear to women soldiers. This underwear will be special for women different from men’s underwear. Currently female troopers are issued men’s ‘loose’ underwear which are larger in size, but now women’s underwear will be released in two different sets.

Women soldiers will no longer wear men’s underwear in Switzerland

The Swiss Army stated that one set would be for warm months while the other set would be for cold. The army spokesperson informed that the women’s underwear will be tested in the test going to begin next month. Underwear testing is part of a broader modernization of the Army uniform, which was developed and designed in the 1980s. The aim of the new army exercise is to increase the number of women members from 1 percent to 10 percent in the next 10 years.

Army moves towards releasing female underwear to female soldiers

However, there will be only one uniform of war for men and women. Significantly, the news of modernizing underwear has come after the army’s desire to attract more women soldiers. Last month, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Defense Ministry of Switzerland had asked to increase the proportion of women in the army.

The ministry had promised to implement the new service for women and promote military service, work, education and family cohesion. It is said that Defense Minister Viola Amhard has welcomed the initiative. He also says that ‘conformity’ needs to be improved. The duty of women and men in the Swiss Armed Forces has been the same since 2004. A woman soldier said on condition of anonymity, “Underwear makes a difference whether you have to crawl on the ground with 27 kg of luggage or sit quietly in an office chair.”

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