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Know how the social media post saved a poor family living by running a cafe, a touching story

The power of social media platforms cannot be underestimated, especially at a time when people are connected with each other in the virtual world. You may have seen the fate of people through social media posts. Something similar happened with the family earning bread by running a cafe. The door to the family’s fate opened when it served tasty, healthy food to a customer.

How a twitter post changed the life of a family

The customer proved to be an influential social media personality rather than anyone else. In an incredible story, Christie Kitchen of Georgia not only survived the devastation but also received a large amount in the form of donations. All this was possible with a Twitter post that shocked many people’s hearts.

Help found in opening cafe on the verge of closure

Brandon Stainton, the creator and famous author of the popular Human of New York website, was a miracle for Christie Kisner and Sebastian Gracie. Upon stepping into the cafe, they were served a dairy-free lunch with gluten-free muffins. During this, the couple shared their story with them. His story made Brandon Stainton very emotional. He then intended to bring her out to the world, and thus Kismet knocked.

The writer’s fans paid attention to the poignant story and spread it to other places. Brandon explained the entire story of the couple, detailing how the family of the café on the verge of closure arrived from Peru to Georgia to open a restaurant for only $ 10,000. Their struggle and long hours of work to raise a family with five daughters will also touch your heart.

Sebastian got two shocks simultaneously. First the business of furniture failed and then the disease took its grip. The problem of driving life’s life has arisen in front of the family. In such a situation, Christie Kisner thought of opening a cafe using her talent in cooking. At first the wife started cooking gluten free, healthy food for the whole family and used that recipe to cook in the cafe. Recalling the difficult situation, Christy said, “There was nothing left in our lives. The bank occupied the house, the car, the furniture and even the beds were taken away. We are forced to live in a small place.” Went to Sebastian’s mother. “

Knowing the hard work of the whole family, including five girls, to run the cafe, people were heartbroken. Brandon ran a fund raising program for the couple’s kitchen and received a large amount of donations from kind people.

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