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Know everything about Rishi Sunak, who can become Britain’s first Hindu PM

Rishi Sunak Profile: The eyes of the whole world are on Britain at this time. The people of India are also keeping their eyes on Britain. That is because Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is among the big contenders for the post of PM of Britain. Rishi Sunak, who took oath by placing his hand on Gita, may not be an Indian citizen, but India resides in his heart. If he becomes the PM, then Britain will get the first Hindu PM. Rishi Sunak, born seven thousand kilometers away from India, is the story of the generation of the country who was forced to leave the soil of the country before partition. At present, the eyes of 140 crore people of India are on him. It is the justice of the creator that after suffering three hundred years of slavery of the British, today a person of Indian origin is standing on the verge of taking over the reins of the British rule.

This thing is from 1935. At that time the reins of the British royalty were in the hands of King George V. The British rule in India was headed by Governor-General Freeman Thomas. This is the same year when the British government passed a historic law ‘The Government of India Act 1935’ in the midst of the freedom struggle. In 1935, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, India’s independence was slowly reaching its peak, but at the same time, riots were also taking place between Hindu and Muslim communities in many parts of the country. Hindu and Muslim communities were also face to face in Gujranwala city of Punjab province of undivided India. One in the same Hindu community was the family of Ram Das Sunak, the grandfather of Rishi Sunak.

Rishi Sunak’s grandfather had gone to Kenya

Ram Das Sunak and his wife Suhag Rani Sunak were married only a few years before these riots. Both belonged to a very educated family. He was terrified of the communal tension spreading in Gujranwala. According to Michael Ashcroft, author of Rishi Sunak’s biography ‘Going For Broke’, in 1935, Ram Das Sunak, in view of the deteriorating environment in Gujranwala, decided that he could make a better future by leaving here. In those days, the British government needed skilled manpower in East Africa. Ram Das Sunak got a job as a clerk in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. He booked a one-way ticket for the ship and left for Kenya alone.

Grandmother also reached Kenya in 1937

Ram Das’s wife Suhag Rani Sunak did not go to Kenya with her husband. That’s because he felt that it would not be safe to take the newly wed bride to a new and unknown place. Ram Das promised that in a year or two he would call them to himself. On the other hand, seeing the atmosphere of tension in Gujranwala, Suhag Rani Sunak also thought it appropriate to leave the city. She moved to Delhi with her mother-in-law. He found it very difficult to leave his ancestral home. Finally, in 1937, Suhag Rani moved to Kenya with her husband.

both had 6 children

In Kenya, Ram Das Sunak started earning a lot. Ram Das took the degree of professional accountant after further studies there. After his studies, he started working there as an administrative officer at Harambi House, which is now known as the home and office of the President of Kenya. Ram Das had made Kenya his work land. It was not easy for Ram Das Sunak and his wife Suhag Rani to start a new life in a new country. The climate of Kenya was very different from that of India. There they both had 6 children. Three sons and three daughters. One of these was Yashveer Sunak, who is the father of Rishi Sunak. Yashveer Sunak was born in 1949 in Nairobi.

Know about Rishi Sunak’s parents

Ram Das may have left India, but he did not completely break his relationship with this country. His three sons may have moved out of Kenya and studied in western countries, but interestingly, he sent his three daughters to India to study. The Sunak family still considers India as their motherland. Rishi Sunak’s father Yashveer Sunak arrived in Liverpool, England in 1966 to study. His brother Harish Sunak had also reached there a few days ago. After a few years, the whole family settled in Britain with father Ram Das, mother Suhag Rani. In 1974, Yashveer studied medicine from Liverpool University and joined the National Health Service of Britain as a doctor. Now he lives in Southampton, about 100 km from London.

Nana also from Punjab province of India

Rishi Sunak’s mother Usha Sunak and Yashveer Sunak met in Britain. Usha also took a degree in Pharmacology from Aston University, UK in 1972. Both were introduced to each other by family friends. In 1977, both of them got married in the city of Leicester, England. The special thing is that Usha Sunak’s father i.e. Rishi Sunak’s maternal grandfather is also from Punjab province of India. Rishi Sunak’s maternal grandfather Raghubir Beri grew up in Punjab while his maternal grandmother Sraksha Beri was born in Tanzania. Raghubir went to Tanzania to work as a railway engineer. There he got married. His family also settled in Britain in the 1960s. Rishi Sunak often mentions maternal grandparents and grandparents in his speeches.

In childhood, he used to share work with his mother

Rishi Sunak was born on 12 May 1980 at Southampton General Hospital. This was the first child of Yashveer and Usha Sunak. After this, Rishi’s younger brother Sanjay Sunak was born in 1982 and finally in 1985 his younger sister Rakhi Sunak came to this world. Raising three children in Britain and giving them a good education was not easy. Yashveer started working as a doctor in the National Health Service of England. While his mother Usha started a drugstore named Sunak Pharmacy. Rishi Sunak’s parents earned so much day and night that the children should never face any problem. His children also supported a lot in this. As a child, whenever Rishi got time after studies, he often went to his pharmacy to help his mother. Many times he used to go after school to deliver to the customers and see the accounts of the shop.

There is a special attachment to the temple located in Southampton

Rishi Sunak was born in a Hindu family, so he has the habit of going to the temple since childhood. He has been visiting the Hindu Vedic Society temple in Southampton since childhood. He was a member of the Child Development Society here. In his childhood, he used to take special part in the drama, music and cultural programs held here. He is so attached to this temple because his grandfather Ram Das Sunak was the founding member of this temple. At present, his father Yashveer is also associated with the trust of this temple. Yashveer and Usha take part in Sunak temple events and play a special role in the religious rituals that take place here. Rishi Sunak still often comes from London to Southampton especially to visit this temple. They also take part in service works here. The people living here get up and down among the people of Indian origin. His wife and daughters also come with him.

Placed at Winchester College

No one had thought that Rishi would grow up and go into politics. His family had nothing to do with politics even remotely. In childhood, according to his neighbors and his friends, he was of a very calm nature. In 1993, Rishi got a place in Britain’s most famous Winchester College. This is in schools in Britain where only children of the white community studied more. It is not a matter of everyone to pay such expensive fees. In today’s era, the fee of this school is 45 thousand pounds annually i.e. about forty five lakh rupees.

Got a chance to go to Oxford University

A big opportunity for Rishi Sunak came when he got an opportunity to go to Oxford University, one of the most famous UK and world’s top universities, for graduation in 1998. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Lincoln College, Oxford. While studying in Oxford, Rishi did an internship in the Conservative Party of Britain. It was from here that little of his political inclination was known. His friends were also from wealthy families, having studied at big places like Winchester College and Oxford. He mentioned this in a documentary.

Married to Narayana Murthy’s daughter

After studying at Oxford, Rishi Sunak worked in the famous investment bank Goldman Sachs between 2001 and 2004. After doing the job, he thought of studying once again. He enrolled for MBA studies at Stanford University in America. On the strength of his talent, he won the famous Full Bright Scholarship. In 2006, he completed his MBA from Stanford. While studying at Stanford University of America, he met Akshata Murthy. Akshata Murthy is the daughter of NR Narayana Murthy, India’s famous businessman and chairman of Infosys Company. In 2009, Rishi Sunak married Akshata Murthy in Bangalore.

Who is Akshata Murthy?

Akshata Murthy is a fashion designer by profession. Akshata has graduated in Economics from Claremont McKenna College, California, USA. After graduation, she did a diploma in fashion designing. After this he did his MBA from Stanford University. Now she runs her own business in the UK. Rishi Sunak and Akshata have two daughters. One’s name is Krishna and the other is Anushka. According to Rishi Sunak, it is not so easy to impress his father-in-law AR Narayana Murthy. He doesn’t get impressed quickly. When Rishi decided to enter politics, Narayana Murthy was very excited and supported Rishi a lot. In 2015, when Rishi stood for the first time to become an MP from Richmond seat of Yorkshire in northern England, Narayana Murthy himself went to campaign for Rishi like an ordinary worker.

When did you emerge in British politics?

The big opportunity for Rishi, who rose rapidly in British politics, came when he became the Finance Minister in Boris Johnson’s government in 2020. During this, his work was highly appreciated, but during this time he was also surrounded by some controversies. There was a lot of uproar in the British media, especially regarding his wealth. His wife Akshata and his assets are about seven and a half hundred million pounds i.e. about seven and a half thousand crore rupees.

Richer than the Queen of Britain

A large part of this belongs to Akshata Murthy as she has shares of Infosys. He is counted among the richest people in Britain. His wealth is more than that of Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Elizabeth’s assets are about five thousand crore rupees. Whether Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister of Britain or not, but a person of Indian origin reaching such a height in British politics, is a great example of the growing social and cultural power of Indian society. In the 75th year of India’s independence, India cannot get a bigger gift from Britain.

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