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Knife attack on health workers in South California, second incident of hospital attack in a week

Los Angeles Knife Attack: There are constant attacks on people in America and these attacks are not taking the name of stopping. Somewhere mass shooting and somewhere with a knife. On Friday, June 3, another link has been added to the chain of these attacks. Here a man entered the emergency ward of Encino Hospital Medical Center in Southern California and attacked three health workers with a knife. He was seriously injured.

Just two days after the shooting at the medical office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, health workers of Fernando Valley were attacked. Three health workers were seriously injured in this attack.

How did the attacker execute the incident?

According to Los Angeles Police Department officer Drake Madison, the attacker arrived at Encino Hospital Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley shortly before 4 p.m. There he stabbed three health workers in the emergency ward with a knife. However, after the attack, this person did not run away but hid inside the hospital for four hours.

Officer Madison told that during this time the police officers kept trying to talk to him. After this the SWAT team arrested him. Although the police have not disclosed the name of this person, but he has already broken the law. According to the Los Angeles police, there is no evidence of this person knowing the victims. The three health workers, who were seriously injured in the attack, were taken to the trauma center by fire officials in critical condition. Where now the condition of the victims is stable.

Second incident of US hospital attack in a week

On Wednesday, June 1, a man attacked the Tulsa Medical Office in Oklahoma, USA. The man who attacked the medical office adopted this dangerous method to get rid of back pain. According to Tulsa Police, 45-year-old Michael Lewis recently had a back operation in this hospital, but even after this he was troubled by constant back pain. He was repeatedly complaining of pain over the phone in the hospital. Before the attack, he bought an AR-Style and opened fire on him, blaming Dr. Preston Phillips for his back pain. Due to this, three people of the hospital including Dr. Preston died. After that he shot himself too.

The round of bullets did not stop

Let us tell you that in the year 2022 in America, there have been 233 incidents of mass shooting. Recently, after entering a school in Texas, an attacker killed 18 innocent children. Along with this, three other people have also been killed in this attack. After these dangerous incidents, the demand for strict laws regarding guns in America is continuously gaining momentum. Despite this, a continuous mass shooting process is going on in the midst of this debate. President Joe Biden himself has discussed this law many times.

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