King’s Man: first mission, it’s history in reverse

CRITICAL – The new part of the “Kingsman” saga favors false historical realism over the fantasy that made its charm. Pity.

Thanks to Alexandre Dumas, it is authorized to violate history without ending up in a media court or in prison. Yes, but on one condition: to give her beautiful children. Let us confess that literature and cinema have often succeeded. But not always. See this King’s Man: first mission by Matthew Vaughn (in theaters December 29). It is imagined how the Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) and the British government would have founded at the beginning of the XXe century the company of these vigilantes as elegant as powerful: the Kingsmans.

It all started during the Boer War (1899-1902). So far, all is well: we see concentration camps where the British hold their formidable enemies prisoner (which is correct). It is after that everything goes wrong.

On a preposterous idea but in the taste of the day conspiracy and quite well scripted, is imagined an association of international criminals determined to weaken the British Empire and its allies. Here is…

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