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Kim Jong-un sentenced 7 people to death for watching South Korean video

North Korea: North Korea is often in discussion about its strange rules. At the same time, today once again this North Korea is in the headlines for its tough attitude. In fact, the human rights organization said, North Korea has sentenced 7 people to death in the last 3 years only because they had seen some disturbing South Korean videos. At the same time, it is being told that North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un had announced the sentence.

Seoul’s rights organization, the Transitional Justice Working Group interviewed 683 North Korean defectors in six years. After which 27 was presented in the form of documentation. Most of them were charged with crimes related to drugs, prostitution and human trafficking.

submit the newspaper’s claims

In the year 2021 In May, South Korea’s online newspaper Daily NK presented claims that North Korean officials publicly sold CDs and USBs containing South Korean movies and music videos. "illegally" One person was killed.

6 killed between 2014-16

The report also said that South Korean media were seen and Six people were killed between 2012 and 2014 in Rayangang province for distributing. At the same time, a person was killed in Chongjin city of North Hamgyong province in 2015.

Laughter ban

Let us tell you, in the past days in North Korea. It has been announced to ban laughter. Actually, in North Korea, it is forbidden for anyone to laugh for 10 days. No person in the country can celebrate happiness during these 10 days. At the same time, police have been deployed in every city to ensure that this announcement is fully followed. They have to take special care that between December 11 and December 27, people are not seen laughing in public places. 



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