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Kim Jong-Un is in the news again, he has lost so much weight, people are stunned to see

Kim Jong-Un Looks: North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un is once again in discussion. Actually, Kim Jong-un recently appeared in his party program, where he looked quite thin. It is being told that he has lost a lot of weight.

Kim Jong, one of the cruel dictators of the world, is in the news for implementing those strange rules. Recently, on the 10th anniversary of his father and former ruler of the country, Kim Jong-il, he banned the people of the country from laughing, drinking, partying, shopping etc. for 11 days.

Has weighed down to 44 pounds

North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency had shared a picture in the past, i.e. on December 28, during a meeting of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party of North Korea, in which Kim Jong-un looks very lean. There was a clear change on his face in the photo. Kim Jong-un looks thin in the picture. According to the report, his weight has reduced by at least 20 kg i.e. 44 pounds. Even before this, he had come in the discussion about his decreasing weight.

There was speculation about health

Due to the loss of weight of Kim Jong-un, recently there was speculation around the world about his health. Regarding this, the officials also claim that Kim is completely healthy. At the same time, after the appearance of Kim Jong-un in the party meeting, these speculations have also come to an end.

Citizens appeal to eat less

It is being told that due to the lack of food in North Korea, Kim Jong-un has reduced the food. According to government officials, Kim Jong-un has also appealed to his citizens to eat less food until the situation returns to normal.

About 860,000 tonnes of food shortage

Significantly, in October, Kim Jong-un appealed to the citizens of the country that unless North Korea reopens the border with China in 2025, people will have to eat less food. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimated that North Korea has a food shortage of about 860,000 tonnes this year.

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