Kevin Spacey Sentenced to Pay $ 31 Million to House Of Cards Production

Accused by several members of the production company of harassment, the actor had been excluded from the series. He was sued for “Substantial losses” caused by his dismissal.

American actor Kevin Spacey was ordered to pay $ 31 million to the company that produced the series House of Cards, in which he played the main character until he was fired on charges of sexual harassment by actor Anthony Rapp, according to legal documents released Monday.

MRC, the production company behind this hit series on political intrigue in Washington, was seeking damages for lost earnings attributed to the actor’s ouster from the series, after charges against him. against sexual harassment and abuse. A first decision favorable to MRC was rendered in October 2020. The actor appealed the decision, but a Los Angeles court rejected the actor’s request in early November.

In the published legal document, MRC explains that after these harassment accusations, the company suspended the actor, and launched an internal investigation which revealed that the star of the film American Beauty was in fact guilty of such acts. The actor had already been reprimanded by the production company in 2012, after facts of harassment were reported by technicians, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

This wave of accusations put an abrupt end to the career of Kevin Spacey, 62, in the midst of the movement’s campaign. #Metoo, denouncing sexual abuse in Hollywood after the revelations concerning the producer Harvey Weinstein. The actor had apologized to Anthony Rapp in a tweet, making his coming out in the process.

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“Substantial losses”

Two Oscar-winning Kevin Spacey played the role of an unscrupulous politician in all five seasons of the show House of Cards, and also assumed the role of executive producer. The script had to be overhauled to exclude the character played by Kevin Spacey and revamp the entire sixth season, reduced from 13 to eight episodes.

The actor’s departure forced the producers to revamp the series, which resulted in “substantial losses“, Argued MRC, which indicates moreover never to have been aware of reprehensible facts on behalf of Kevin Spacey before these accusations of harassment are not revealed.

MRC began this procedure in 2019. The same year, the lawsuits against the American actor, indicted for indecent assault and sexual assault in the US state of Massachusetts, were dropped.


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