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Kamla Harris, the Vice Presidential candidate, gave personal information about the hobby of food, said- Idli, Sambar and Tikka are like

Sambhar-Idli and Tikka have been included in the list of their favorite Indian dishes by Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate in the US election. Kamala Harris (55) has an Indian mother and father from Jamaica. For the first time, an Indian-origin and black woman has been elected as the Vice Presidential candidate.

When asked about favorite Indian dishes, Harris said, “Idli with very good sambar in South Indian food and any tikka in North Indian food.” The California senator shared a video of some of the questions asked on Instagram on Twitter on Sunday. On the question of what she is doing to take care of mental health during the campaign, she said that she starts working early every morning, talks to her children and she likes to cook.

Asked what his plans are to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for generations to come, Harris said that former US Vice President and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden and he will be netted by 2050 Ready to achieve zero emissions. There is an election in America on November 3. Biden faces US President Donald Trump and Harris faces Vice President Mike Pence.

Biden is trying to convince black voters

In the US, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is appealing to black voters to vote in person during the epidemic during the last days of campaigning. They hope that their chances in the states will be strengthened by large turnout.

Biden campaigned in Philadelphia on Sunday. During the campaign 48 hours before the voting, he participated in a program called ‘Souls the Poles’. It is part of a nationwide effort to motivate black followers of the church to vote.

US Presidential Election: Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden engaged in wooing black voters

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