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Justin Trudeau corona infected amid protests in Canada, appeals to people for vaccine

Justin Trudeau News: In Canada’s capital Ottawa, people are protesting against Kovid restrictions and making the vaccine mandatory. Meanwhile, on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau surprised everyone by tweeting. He told that he has been infected with Corona and will continue his work from the remote area for the time being. After the uproar in the capital Ottawa, the Prime Minister is at a secret location with his family.

informed about being infected by tweeting

The Prime Minister tweeted on Monday, “This morning my Kovid-19 test positive I am feeling fine and I will continue to work remotely this week following public health guidelines. Everyone please get vaccinated and encourage ” It has become clear from his tweet that he is in some secret place and is working from there.

This tweet of the Prime Minister has come at a time when thousands of people in the capital Ottawa protested against making the Kovid vaccine mandatory and strict restrictions imposed due to the epidemic. Some protesters have demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In view of the situation, the police is on high alert so that any situation can be dealt with.

Protesters have shown Nazi symbols with Canadian flags in the past and have sharply criticized Trudeau, targeting him. David Santos, from Montreal, said he thinks making vaccination mandatory is not health related, but a trick by the government to ‘control things’. The organizers of the protests have demanded the withdrawal of all Kovid-19 restrictions and the decision to make vaccination mandatory and the resignation of the Prime Minister.

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The Canadian government has implemented strict restrictions to prevent Kovid-19 infection and has enforced a vaccine requirement for crossing the border. Due to this people are facing problems. Earlier this month, the Canadian government made it mandatory for all truck drivers coming from the US to be fully vaccinated. Apart from this, those who are not vaccinated, an order has been implemented to stay in quarantine for 14 days. This is the reason that the number of truck drivers among the protesters is also large.

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