Jura: a territory severely hit by the economic crisis

MBF Aluminum, an auto parts company, was already in trouble before the containment. Then she lost 7 million euros because of the health crisis and is now placed in receivership. Without a buyer by the end of January, it will have to go out of business. “Every morning [les salariés] get up with the ball in my stomach, as I wake up every morning with the ball in my stomach“, entrusts the director, Adeline Munarolo, to the teams of France Televisions, specifying that the jobs are”not easy to find” In the region.

Elected officials keep the accounts. “Being very industrialized, when there is an economic crisis, it can quickly increase unemployment“, explains Jean-Yves Ravier, mayor of Lons-Le-Saunier (Jura). Large factories are not the only ones suffering, small businesses are also teetering in the shadows. Christophe Thiebaud, who had to lay off his only employee, is disappointed. “It’s a heartbreak“, comments the latter. Close to full employment before the crisis, the Jura fears that its unemployment rate will suddenly rise at the end of winter.

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