Josh Brolin tells how the role of Batman slipped away from him

In full promotion of the series Outer Rangethe interpreter of Thanos in avengers went into more detail about his failed adventure with DC.

Pillar of the Marvel Universe for playing genocidal giant Thanos in avengers and also having done a lap in Dead Pool as a time-traveling mercenary, Josh Brolin’s superhero career could have been quite different. On the occasion of the promotion of his supernatural series Outer Range for Amazon Prime Video, the 54-year-old comedian, accustomed to westerns, returned in more detail to his missed appointment with the vigilante bat Batman, icon of DC and Warner.

Josh Brolin was indeed in talks with Zack Snyder to take on the Gotham Vindicator suit for the summit meeting batman versus superman released on our screens in 2016 and quite disavowed by fans and critics. The discussions between the actor, nominated for an Oscar for Milk, and the director remained at a very preliminary stage. Zack Snyder quickly changed tack and in 2013 cast Ben Affleck to play disenchanted billionaire Bruce Wayne. “My Batman would have been older and hoarser”says Josh Brolin to the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Seduced by the risk of failure

“I like reverse role proposals that could totally go wrong. I like the idea of ​​risk and defying the odds, of being the one who can bring down a house of cards. Decades later, we’re still talking about George Clooney’s pitiful Batman (laughs)”, underlined the actor. Before concluding : “Zack Snyder finally went in another direction, it was his choice and his right. He was right.”. And joking: “Maybe I’ll finally be Batman when I celebrate my 80th birthday!” In 2018, Josh Brolin assured that he had no regrets about this missed opportunity: “I am very happy that it did not materialize”.

Despite the more than lukewarm reception offered to Ben Affleck’s Batman – the creative differences around Justice League taken over by Joss Whedon did not help – Ben Affleck will wear the cape and black armor one last time for the film The Flash, alongside fellow former Batman Michael Keaton. This story based on parallel universes and temporalities will hit our screens in June 2023.


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