Jollien and Campan: “The disabled person is ‘almost’ normal”

CROSS-SERVICE – The handicapped philosopher and the actor-director have shot a comedy where they stage their unconditional friendship.

What is immediately striking when you meet them is the complicity that unites the philosopher Alexandre Jollien and the actor-director Bernard Campan. While Jollien publishes Carefree Notebooks (Gallimard), an essay for “to free oneself from the tyranny of sad passions to throw oneself into unconditional joy”the ex-Inconnu comes out at the cinema Almost , his second film. This dramatic comedy is about friendship and disability. A meeting of great sincerity.

LE FIGARO. – How was this atypical film project born?

Bernard CAMPAN. – It took a long time, but the starting point is our friendship.

Alexandre Jollien. – Originally, when I was offered to make a film, I was skeptical. Finally, realizing what we have accomplished, Bernard Campan and I, I wept with gratitude. I hope it can help people look at people with disabilities differently, and at difference in general.

Do you remember how…

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