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Atmospheric pressure, humidity… the impact, plus the subjective failure to examine and take medicine regularly makes musculoskeletal patients more painful in the winter.

The weather changes, the pain flares up

Years ago, when the weather changed, Mr. Nguyen Nho Quyen (42 years old, Quoc Oai, Hanoi) had to deal with severe joint pain. Every time the monsoon comes or it rains, Quyen clearly feels his joints and pelvis numb and stiff. In addition to the time when he spent his youth in unreasonable sports, played a lot but did not think about recreating his health, the result was that 2 years ago his bones and joints fell into an alarming state. Anh Quyen had to give up sports.

When he went to the hospital for examination, he was regularly used drugs and joint supplements, both painful and painless. Thanks to this, the pain is gradually under control. Thanks to patient treatment, exercise and proper nutrition, he can now play sports in the changing seasons.

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Dang Hong Hoa, Head of the Department of Musculoskeletal, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi, the North is entering a deep cold peak. In a day, Hanoi has many weather conditions, it is cold and humid in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and cold in the evening, making osteoarthritis patients call to complain a lot and ask for advice from a doctor.

According to experts, the percentage of people with osteoarthritis pain is more when the weather changes seasons. Studies around the world have analyzed the relationship of weather changes with musculoskeletal diseases in general. It can be caused by changes in atmospheric pressure, humidity in the air, wind force, and temperature that change the pressure in the blood stream and body solvents. These changes affect the body and the body has reactions in response.

“In musculoskeletal patients, the body’s ability to respond to environmental changes is less. Osteoarthritis produces reactions that cause irritations to increase, the cartilage surface of the joint has a great deal of tolerance from the painful environment,” Associate Professor Hong Hoa explained.

Elderly people with musculoskeletal diseases will have more severe pain due to the impact of the weather when the seasons change. Photo: Freepik.

Need early, long-term and regular treatment

Associate Professor Hong Hoa said that musculoskeletal patients often only go to the doctor when the pain is severe, for a long time. When the disease is over, I think I have recovered, subjectively do not continue to check again, do not monitor and continue to use drugs. This is the reason why every time I go back to heaven, the pain comes back, even more painful than before.

“Treatment of musculoskeletal diseases is the same as treating other chronic medical diseases such as hypertension, diabetes… even if the pain doesn’t come, you still have to take medicine daily and regularly,” Associate Professor Hong said. Flowers recommended. In particular, musculoskeletal patients with symptoms on the motor system who have been treated through strong progressions of the disease must maintain medical examination.

Dr. Tang Ha Nam Anh, Director of Orthopedic Trauma Center, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, recommends that patients should pay attention, care and adhere to treatment when suffering from musculoskeletal diseases. “The disease should not be allowed to accumulate because when it breaks out, the next waves are always stronger than the previous ones; the treatment is difficult and the effectiveness is low,” warned Dr. Nam Anh.

According to Dr. Nam Anh, most people over 60 have musculoskeletal problems, but some people have normal pain, some people have severe pain, and some people don’t feel pain. Therefore, not everyone who has musculoskeletal problems must also be treated, also have to replace the joints… Each doctor’s indication depends on the condition of each person.

TS.BS Tang Ha Nam Anh examines the patient's bone and joint health (Photo: Tam Anh General Hospital)

Dr. Tang Ha Nam Anh examines the patient’s bone and joint health. Photo: Tam Anh General Hospital.

According to doctors, when suffering from musculoskeletal diseases that are almost impossible to treat completely, the best solution is to slow down the degenerative process, although the joints can be degenerated but the body does not have pain. Musculoskeletal treatment is a long-term work, following the disease control protocol, helping to live safely with the disease. Besides, patients also need to practice science; Eat well to ensure health, play sports suitable for your age.

According to Dr. Nam Anh, when the body ages over time, patients need to pay attention to “maintenance” of the knee joint and the whole body with researched essences such as Collagen Type 2, Collagen Peptide, eggshell membrane extract. (Eggshell Membrane), turmeric extract (Turmeric Root)… Patients should note not to use supporting products floating on the market, use drugs, food supplements under the guidance of doctors.

Musculoskeletal disease not only causes pain and destruction of joints leading to disability but also causes damage to blood vessels, heart, lung fibrosis… Many musculoskeletal patients die from diseases. other such as myocardial infarction, stroke… Therefore, everyone needs to understand their condition, should not be subjective”, Dr. Nam Anh recommended.

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