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Johnson & Johnson stops trial of Corona vaccine, decided after Volantier became ill during trial

Covid-19 Vaccine Update: Big news has come about the Corona vaccine. Johnson & Johnson has virtually stopped human trials of its Kovid-19 vaccine. He says that due to unexplained illness in a volunteer, the test has to be stopped. The Johnson & Johnson Company has decided to stop the trial on the Corona vaccine after a man became ill. The company has said that the safety of every person involved in the test is our first responsibility, so the trial is being stopped for a few days.

Johnson & Johnson had to stop the trial

He told that the company is trying to understand Volunteer’s illness. And in addition to the company’s clinical and safety doctors, independent data monitoring boards are evaluated.

‘Vaginal disease’ detected in a Volunteer

Earlier reports claimed that Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate found strong immune response against the corona virus. This claim was made after initial and mid-level human trials. According to CNN, the results of human trials of both stages were previously reported to be quite tolerable. It was even said that one of his doses produced strong immune response on all 800 volunteers.

Interim results of the test showed that the vaccine dose produces immune response and was also found to be safe. So that human trials of vaccine candidates can be carried out on large groups. In July, the company got a lot of encouragement after J & J’s single dose of strong protection on monkeys. With the help of the US government, he started early-secondary human trials against corona virus infection. Based on the results, J&J was engaged in starting the last phase of human trials on 60 thousand people last month.

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