John Malkovich in the costume of conductor Sergiu Celibidache for The Yellow Tie

The biopic, which will be shot in Romania in the spring, will explore the life of one of the most famous conductors of the 20th century.

While several documentaries have explored the work of legendary Romanian conductor Sergiu Celibidache, The Yellow Tie will be the first biopic dedicated to his entire life. According to the specialized site Variety , the artist will be portrayed on screen by American actor John Malkovich, recently seen in the series The New Pope alongside Jude Law.

The comedian described the conductor as a “unique and singular talent, considered one of the great visionaries of classical music of the last century“. “Playing your last years will be a stimulating and fascinating journey.», Rejoices John Malkovich in an interview with Variety. The production has yet to reveal the name of who will play the musician in his younger years.

Following a script by Serge Ioan Celibidache, the conductor’s son, the feature film traces the artist’s eventful journey. From his expulsion from his family home in Paris (when he announced to his parents that he wanted to get into music) to his years at the head of the Berlin Philharmonic, just after the war. Sergiu Celibidache quickly established himself as a conductor with unparalleled musical standards. A great defender of the concert in front of the public and renowned for his stubbornness in never wanting to record in the studio, he left memorable lives. It is considered one of the most famous post-war wands. In his obituary in 1996, the New York Times describes it as “one of the great puzzles of the XXe century“.


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