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Joe Biden said on the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia – my stand is not going to change

US-Saudi Arabia Relations: US President Joe Biden said on Friday that he respected human rights in Saudi Arabia despite praise from major oil producers for increasing production. His views on the situation have not changed. As a presidential candidate, Biden vowed to “isolate” Saudi Arabia over human rights abuses.

Biden said he did not know whether he would visit Saudi Arabia in the future, but that he had “no plans to visit” at the moment. look forward to meeting you.

According to the White House, the President will go to Saudi Arabia
However, the White House appears to be more clear about the President’s plan for this visit. A White House person familiar with the plan said Biden has decided to visit Saudi Arabia as well as Israel and that he will likely visit these countries this month amid his already-scheduled itinerary for several summits in Europe. can go. However, their itinerary has not been finalised.

Asked about a possible visit to Saudi Arabia, Biden told reporters, “Look, I’m not going to change my mind about the human rights situation there. But as the President of America, if I can do anything towards bringing peace, I will definitely do it. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

Biden criticized Prince Mohammed bin Salman
As the US presidential candidate, Biden has criticized Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s brutal methods and vowed to “isolate” Saudi Arabia for the 2018 assassination of US journalist Jamal Khashoggi. US intelligence officials have said that Prince Salman approved Khashoggi.

Earlier, the White House praised Saudi Arabia’s role in achieving the OPEC+ group’s (OPEC+) oil production pledge. At the same time, Biden praised Saudi Arabia’s this week’s agreement on a 60-day ceasefire extension in the seven-year war with Yemen, describing the move as a display of “courageous leadership”.

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