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Joe Biden expressed fear of war, said – Russia may attack Ukraine in the next few days

Ukraine Russia Conflict: US President Joe Biden has once said that Russia’s attack on Ukraine may be possible in the ‘next few days’. He also said that he has no plans to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Biden administration is constantly warning of a Russian attack on Ukraine. However, in the meantime, Russia has spoken of withdrawing some of its soldiers from the Ukrainian border. Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US sees “no meaningful withdrawal” of Russian forces from the Ukrainian border. He said the “real” threat remained.

America is constantly raising questions on Russia’s claim
The White House said on Wednesday that Russia’s attack on Ukraine could happen at any time. On Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki feared the attack could happen at any time. “We believe that an attack can happen at any time and that Russia can attack with a false pretext,” Saki told reporters in his daily press briefing.

Saki said, “We have talked about it, we have seen such things in the past. It is not limited to the news you have cited. There are reports of provocation claims in Donbass, spreading false news in the media. I think you should keep your eyes open because Russia can attack with fake videos, use of chemical weapons or falsely saying attacks on soldiers.” Responding to a question, Saki said that many people were trying to explain the reason for the attack. All kinds of lies can be spread.

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