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Joe Biden decides – America will join WHO again, UN welcomes

Washington: US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to reintegrate the country into the World Health Organization (WHO) as soon as he takes charge. Former President Donald Trump last year announced the separation of the US from the United Nations Health Agency, accusing it of being unable to combat the corona virus and coming under Chinese influence. In April last year, Trump had also stopped funding to the WHO and said “it is actually being controlled by China”. Trump did not stop this, he also started the process of formally separating America from the organization. The verdict was to come into effect from July this year, but Biden’s signing of this executive order will now cancel the earlier order.

“The US wants to remain part of the World Health Organization,” Biden said in a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutarares on Wednesday, the first day of his term. “WHO COVID-19 OF THE GLOBAL EPIDEMIC Along with dealing, it plays an important role against the countless threats facing global health and health security. The United States will continue to play a full partner and global leadership role to counter such threats and advance global health and health security. ”

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutaras welcomed the US’s engagement with the World Health Organization (WHHO) again, saying that supporting the health organization to deal with Kovid-19 is “extremely important”. He said that being part of America’s global vaccination program would ensure fair access to vaccines in all countries.

“It is important to support the WHO for better coordinated action against Kovid-19,” according to a statement issued on Wednesday by the UN chief’s spokesman. Gutarais said it was a show of unity and for the international community. It is time to work in solidarity so that the virus and its disastrous consequences can be prevented. The statement said, “Vaccine is an important tool to combat Kovid-19, so being part of and supporting America’s ‘Kovacs’ campaign will accelerate efforts for fair access to all countries.” ‘

The United States provides the most financial aid to the WHO, contributing more than $ 450 million per year to it. The US is part of the WHO since 21 June 1948. In his first press conference on Wednesday, White House press secretary Jane Saki said that Biden had signed 15 executive orders.

At the same time, Biden said in the White House Oval Office on Wednesday after signing the executive orders, “I am proud of today’s executive steps, and I am going to fulfill what I promised the American people, Still have to travel long. These are simply executive orders. They are important, but for what we are going to do, we will need bills. ”

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