Jobs: 2,000 jobs cut at Danone

To become more competitive and increase its profits, Danone is going to cut its workforce. Between 1,500 and 2,000 jobs will be eliminated across the world, and 400 to 500 jobs are affected in France. A position that the agri-food giant is defending. “I assume this objective which should make Danone one of the most profitable companies in our business”, said its CEO, Emmanuel Faber, in an interview the newspaper Le Figaro. The company’s objective is to achieve “a margin greater than 15%”, still according to the leader.

Statements that are responses to shareholders, who criticize Danone’s organization. Lots of head offices and many branches and offices around the world. Nothing that Paris, there are two offices: one for the world, the other dedicated to France. The two will be grouped together. However, Danone is far from being in difficulty. The company made nearly 2 billion euros in profits in 2019.

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