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Jinping said to the US President, we do not have an inch of land of any country

Xi Jinping to Biden: Recently, in a high-level bilateral virtual meeting between US President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, the Chinese President told the American counterpart, “The people of China are peace loving, aggression is not the core principle of the Chinese nation, so they are aggressive for their borders. The allegation of being is completely baseless and maliciously motivated.”

The Chinese President further said, since the establishment of China, the people there are worshipers of peace. Since then, he has not started the first war with any country on his side, nor has he claimed an inch of land of any country. His statement has come in response to all the allegations of aggression against China when the border dispute of his country is from LAC in India to South China Sea of ​​Japan.

With which countries does China have a border dispute?

China has border disputes with India in the LAC and Arunachal Pradesh. China has been making its claim on Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from India, China is having a border dispute with Japan in the East China Sea. Recently, Japan had accused China of spoiling the status quo on the disputed island Senkaku / Diaoyu. Apart from this, China also has border disputes with almost all its neighboring countries like Russia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan etc. According to the information received, a total of 17 border dispute cases are going on with China’s neighboring countries on land and sea.

China is the emerging economic superpower of the world in the 21st century. But due to its aggressive attitude on the border, the neighboring country is apprehensive about its strategic security towards it. Significantly, in this virtual meeting, Chinese President Jinping told Biden that whoever plays with fire, he will be burnt.

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