Jim Carrey is seriously thinking about retiring

At 60, the Canadian actor; currently showing sonic 2believes that “he has done enough” for the seventh art.

The announcement was made in full promotion of a film. Jim Carrey currently starring in sonic 2 not only praised the qualities of the adventure feature film directed by Jeff Fowler to our colleagues fromAccess Hollywood .

Between two questions, the Canadian comic actor revealed that he wanted to “seriously” to retire: “I have enough. I’ve done enough” did he declare. Before qualifying his remarks:If the angels bring me a script written in gold ink that suggests this is going to be a really important piece of work to see, then I might return to service at some point. But at least I’m taking a break!“. At sixty, the actor intends to take advantage of his “quiet life” imbued with spirituality and devoted to abstract painting.

The one who ruled the global box office in the 1990s for his grimaces and rubbery body in goofy comedies (Ace Ventura, dog and cat detective, Dumb and Dumber, The Mask), has now retired from the film industry, as the documentary explains, Jim Carrey, America unmasked.


The day after the Oscars ceremony, on CBS Morning, the actor said he was “sickened” by the standing ovation given to Will Smith having received the statuette of the best actor for The Williams Method, when he had just slapped Chris Rock. “I felt that Hollywood was lacking in courage as a very clear indication that we are no longer the club of cool people.»

The trailer of sonic 2


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