Jessica Chastain: The Makeover

IN VIEW – By taking an interest in Tammy Faye, singer and evangelist television star of the late 1970s, the flamboyant actress offered herself a great composition role, rewarded with a well-deserved Oscar for best actress.

If the name of Tammy Faye means nothing to you, it evokes, for millions of Americans, that of a famous televangelist who stood out in the 1970s by perfuming orchestrated talk shows with good humor and benevolence. with her husband Jim Baker. For Jessica Chastain, who was born in 1977 in California, this figure of the small screen – without filters and covered in make-up – first appeared to her as the favorite object of ridicule for comedians of her time. But by becoming an actress and a committed producer, she saw in this woman – one of the first to have taken a humanist look at AIDS patients – a magnificent character to embody. “When I came across the documentary The Eyes of Tammy Faye, I was so touched that I decided to acquire the rights to bring his story to the cinema. I worked a lot on the project and seven years later, I found myself on a set, in the skin of this heroine”, she explains to us, live…

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