Jerzy Skolimowski, the outsider of cinema

Jerzy Skolimowski, director of the film EO. ARP Selection

PORTRAIT – The Polish director, who is releasing a new feature film entitled EOwants to give a voice to animals and denounce the mistreatment they may suffer.

We thought Jerzy Skolimowski was lost for the cinema cause. At 84, the Polish filmmaker seemed to be enjoying happy times in his native country. A house in the woods and a workshop to indulge in painting, his other passion that has become a livelihood.

It has been seven years since the director of Walkowerfrom Departureof deep-endof Illegal work orEssential Killing hadn’t touched a camera. When, oh surprise, Skolimowski is announced in competition at the last Cannes Film Festival with a new feature film, EO . Eo means “hi-han” in Polish. What could be more logical since its protagonist is a donkey confronted with the stupidity and violence of men.

“I try to give a voice to my main character”

“I was looking for a subject around an animal, explains Skolimowski in Paris at the end of September. The most obvious would have been to tell a story with a dog. But I found it more original to stage a donkey. And I had in mind Random balthazar, by Robert Bresson. The only movie that moved me to tears. The death of the donkey is for…

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