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Jeff Bezos asked 2 questions to this candidate in the interview, then at the same time gave a job in Amazon

Job in Amazon: Job seekers feel a lot of nervousness before and during the interview, because then interviewees ask many questions one after the other from the candidate, due to which they get nervous or find it difficult to answer at times. It all completely depends on which field the person is applying for. Whenever they think of doing jobs in top companies, then while applying candidates are curious to know about the recruitment process of that company, especially about the questions asked during the interview.

Recently, a former Amazon employee has revealed what questions were asked to her during the interview. She told how she felt in the interview when she encountered the founder of Amazon and the CEO of this multinational tech company. Ann Hiatt sent his CV to the company in 2002. After that he was interviewed by the owner of the company, Jeff Bezos. During this she became quite nervous. Jeff Bozes stood in front of the whiteboard with a pen in his hand and asked him two questions.

Ann Hyatt shares her story in an article for CNBC Make It. He remembered those two questions asked by Jeff Bezos. Told him that the first question was a funny brainteaser. Asking the first question, Jeff Bezos said, “I will do the math”. Bezos said that I want you to estimate the number of glass panes in the city and the city of Seattle.

What was the answer on the first question

This question frightened Hayat for a while, but he quickly found the answer to this question as well. He understood that this question is to find out his working of brain. Hyatt then estimated the population of the city of Seattle and then broke down the numbers by assuming that each had a home, plus a means of transportation, an office and a school. Hayat said that on this question I suggested that we base the estimates on average and told it. Then both did maths. After listening to the answer completely, Jeff Bezos said that it sounds right.

Jeff Bezos’ second question was this

In his second question, Jeff Bezos asked Hyatt, “What is your career goal?” In response to this question, Ann Hyatt said, “Amazon has proven to be a company full of ambitious and aspiring people who want to be like those people and learn what they know.” After this, Jeff Bezos hired Ann Hyatt at the same time.

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