Jean-Pierre Darroussin attacked and treated as an anti-Semite after his remarks on Roman Polanski at the Caesars

For having “mispronounced” the name of the filmmaker during the forty-fifth ceremony of French cinema, the actor reveals to have been assaulted in the street, in front of his children.

Will the Polanski affair ever close? In any case, it has some unexpected shutters. Ten months after the 45th Césars ceremony and its many twists and turns, the name of the Franco-Polish filmmaker still resonates in the news. At the microphone of Pascale Clark on Europe 1, Jean-Pierre Darroussin admitted to having “treated as an anti-Semite»After his intervention during this famous evening which signed the death warrant of the Caesars of the world before.

I was assaulted in the street, in front of my children, he reveals. All that is not at all pleasant to live.»A direct consequence of his speaking on stage that evening.

I was called because apparently nobody wanted to go and give awards at this ceremony, says Jean-Pierre Darroussin. I stuck to it. I make my stupid joke and I end up with people who ride their high horses afterwards. It was incredible, unbelievable“.

His joke in question? He scratched the name of Roman Polanski after having opened the envelope revealing the best director of the year 2019. He claims to have named the filmmaker, but admits having “badly pronounced“.

The actor admits that if his joke was “a little silly, But “people laughed. And, at the end of the Caesars, some came to see me to tell me: “Thank you, it relaxed the atmosphere, it was great.” That is to say, people took it as a joke like I did», He recalls. Everybody ? Apparently not. And the actor concludes: “We are in a world that we control less and less, which is scary and which makes everyone suspicious.


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