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Jean-Michel Blanquer unveils the health protocol at school

A vaccination campaign through middle and high schools will begin at the start of the school year for students over 12 who wish, announced Sunday, August 22 the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer in an interview with JDD.

The protocol adopted for the start of the September 2 school year is that of ” level 2 “ : face-to-face lessons in schools, colleges and high schools, indoor mask compulsory from primary school onwards, restriction of mixing and reinforced ventilation.

No health pass for teachers

While vaccination is open in France to over 12s, “In all middle and high schools in France, students and staff will have access to the vaccine, near or within their establishment”, said the minister.

“Depending on the situation, either mobile teams will come to vaccinate in the establishments, or we will organize the movement of volunteer pupils, in connection with the health services, to the vaccination centers”, he clarified. About 55% of 12-17 year olds have already received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine since this summer.

For teachers, Jean-Michel Blanquer ruled “Neither legitimate, neither desirable, nor useful” to require a health pass, preferring to bet on “A logic of trust and responsibility”.

No isolation for vaccinated students

In the event of contamination in a classroom, the isolation period of seven days, and therefore of a remote school, will not be required for the vaccinated pupils, “The same rule as for the rest of the population”, argued the minister.

“An unvaccinated student is at greater risk than a student who has received at least one injection. Asking him to stay at home in the event of risky contact is to protect him and protect others ”, he explained. In the primary, children not old enough to be vaccinated, the rule remains the closure of the entire class for seven days in the event of contamination.

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To protect medical confidentiality, the pupil’s vaccination status will be communicated on the basis of a certificate of vaccination from the parents.

Finally, with regard to school trips, students will not be asked for a health pass in places where they are not mixed with the public (swimming pools or libraries). But as of September 30, it will be requested, from 12 years old in places that require it.


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