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Jean-Michel Blanquer, such a long fixed-term contract

It is not a CDI but still… On September 13, Jean-Michel Blanquer should beat the longevity record for a minister of education, by overtaking Christian Fouchet, in office from 1962 to 1967… Arrived at rue de Grenelle as soon as In the spring of 2017, the former director of Essec was, during the reshuffle of July 2020, briefly approached to take over the interior, but it was ultimately Gérald Darmanin who was entrusted with this portfolio. Jean-Michel Blanquer had to be content with an enlargement of his perimeter, extended to sports.

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This figure of the macronie is therefore now living his fourth year as Minister of Education. A return which, like last year, takes place under the pressure of the Covid and crystallizes many concerns.

A clearing in sight in college and high school

In a year, however, the situation has changed. Both for good and for bad. Good, because vaccination today suggests a clearing up in middle and high school: as of August 22, 57% of 12-17 year olds had already received at least a first dose and vaccination operations will be offered in establishments in order to ‘speed up the movement.

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In bad, because the variant delta turns out to be much more contagious than the original strain and the “English” variant. However, in primary school, the pupils are too young to be able to benefit from the vaccine at this stage. And some studies show that this new variant today hegemonic leads to an increase in the number of hospitalizations among 0-9 year olds, as well as to the occurrence of persistent symptoms in 2 to 8% of children.

However, Jean-Michel Blanquer remains straight in his boots. He points out that, since the start of the crisis, the catastrophic warnings of certain experts presenting schools as so many potential clusters have turned out to be largely unfounded. The boss of national education wants to be the minister of “open school”. The one who, unlike many of his counterparts elsewhere in the world, has managed to maintain a maximum of face-to-face lessons, in the primary interest of the students and without this strategy igniting the pandemic.

Minister of “open school”

Not without pride, Jean-Michel Blanquer even chose Open School for the title of his next book, to be published on September 9 (1). “In this uncertain situation, the choice was made between a School seen as our fundamental institution or as the variable for adjusting our fears”, he wrote there.

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Open school, return to school as normal as possible… With a level 2 out of 4 protocol and a 100% face-to-face class in mainland France. Even if it means adjusting very quickly if necessary, at the scale of a territory or an academy, as has already been done overseas, with the postponement to September 13 of the re-entry in the West Indies and in the area ” Red “ from Guyana.

What do the closures of classes that will not fail to occur more or less massively (from the first positive case in the first degree), Jean-Michel Blanquer wants to give everyone the signal to return to learning. Also show that its action is not limited to the management of health hazards. This is how he has just launched a communication campaign – controversial – to extol the merits of secularism. A theme at the heart of a laboratory of ideas that he began to discreetly set up, in parallel with his ministerial mission.

“No longer a single teacher for less than 2,000 euros net”

He who has multiplied the reforms (duplication of classes, new bac, homework system, etc.) also praises the “progress” of the Grenelle education, completed last spring. “We will have a very significant increase in 2022 (for) young teachers, beyond 150 € per month”, he assured on August 26 during a press conference. “This will also concern the mid-career. More than half of the staff are affected by these increases. “

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Objective, in the long term: “No longer a single teacher for less than € 2,000 net per month. “ The gap remains abysmal, however, with the € 1,200 pocketed today at the start of their careers by contract teachers in the private sector.


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