Jean-Louis Fabiani: “Clint Eastwood is the only filmmaker who allows himself a free speech”

INTERVIEW – You can be a sociologist and be interested in cinema. Jean-Louis Fabiani proves it with a fascinating monograph on Clint Eastwood published by Éditions La Découverte.

Known for works like Pierre Bourdieu, a heroic structuralism or Sociology of Corsica, Jean-Louis Fabiani works at the Central European University in Vienna.

LE FIGARO. – What prompted you to undertake such a study?

Jean-Louis FABIANI. – Above all, my taste for the character. Over the years, I realized that Clint Eastwood was my favorite filmmaker. What attracted me was its paradoxical status. While over the decades, Eastwood only worked on the figure of heroism, he was not understood, and was given a reputation of “fascist” with American critics. , and in particular Pauline Kael from New Yorker. For the New York intelligentsia, he was reduced to being a carrier of 44 Magnums Smith & Wesson. I found it a bit simplifying.

Why was Eastwood the victim of this label?

Because he is the man of ambivalence. As an actor and as a filmmaker, he is above all a libertarian.

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