Jean-Christophe Buisson: “The great displacement”

CHRONICLE – A civil servant agrees to be transferred to the end of the world to keep his job. A mocking, delicious and… courageous comedy by Jérôme Commandeur.

Nothing could be easier than to make fun of civil servants if you are not afraid of having croupiers cut out by those who, like Mélenchon, would dream of seeing France be exclusively populated by them (like Brezhnev’s Russia used to be). This is not the prerogative of comedians. Remember Clemenceau: “Civil servants are the best husbands: when they come home in the evening, they are not tired and have already read the newspaper.” Or: “France is an extremely fertile country: civil servants are planted there and taxes are raised there.” Two assertions that are still valid today.

Jérôme Commandeur made the bet to write, direct and interpret an entire film in this vein, this valve. Audacious initiative: in spite of the affection and the tenderness which it testifies with its character of civil servant – an antihero, therefore -, the fundamentalists of the Administration will surely howl; these people have no sense of humor about themselves and are unable to tell the difference between…

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