Jean-Christophe Buisson: “Responsible but not guilty”

André Dussolier and José Garcia play Juliette’s father and husband. Hurry

CHRONICLE – the Torrent, by Anne Le Ny: an original and successful thriller, worn by José Garcia.

And if the French thriller was reinventing itself. After the master The Night of 12, here is The Torrent which also shines with its mountain climate, but also with its scriptwriting originality. In Dominik Moll’s film, there was a murder, but no murderer. In that of Anne Le Ny, there is neither murderer nor murder! A simple fatal accident, but with a good head of homicide. Hence a police investigation, police custody, confrontations, a suspect. And above all a great atmospheric film to which the decor owes a lot: Gérardmer, the Vosges, winter, an isolated house, a storm.

To which must be added the prodigious talent of a director who manages to establish in a few sequences and barely ten minutes an atmosphere that calls for tragedy, as Sandrine Rousseau’s head calls for fatigue in those who see and hear it.

At just 18, fresh out of the driver’s license (the detail is important), Lison goes to see her father, Alexandre, and…

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