Jean-Christophe Buisson: “Korean cold sweats”

CHRONICLE – With a real-fake thriller with Hitchcockian accents, Park Chan-wook received the prize for directing at Cannes. Deserved.

If Alfred Hitchcock had been Korean and had had a son, he would probably have looked like Park Chan-wook. At first, the master of suspense wouldn’t have recognized it: too hectic, too gory, too raw. After glancing distractedly at his Revenge Trilogy, he would have opened the second in front Miss. And no doubt admitted that yes, maybe, his new film, Decision to Leave (in theaters June 29), could be cataloged in line with its Cold sweat.

By its theme, first: a policeman suspended from his professional cliff and on the point of falling. The guy embarked on an investigation during which he fell in love with his main suspect… Here, a nurse of Chinese origin whose husband was found dead at the foot of a rock. She exhibits a complete lack of compassion and sadness, arousing in Hae-joon (excellent Park Hae-il) legitimate suspicion. And the more he investigates the young and pretty person (spinning, interrogations, surveillance…

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