Jean-Christophe Buisson: “Justice everywhere and nowhere”

CHRONICLE – By adapting Human things by Karine Tuil, Yvan Attal let himself be overwhelmed by the density of the subject.

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? Rape cases are the most complex to deal with – in families as well as in the media and the courts. Based on a successful novel by Karine Tuil (Gallimard), Yvan Attal poses the following situation: a 17-year-old girl assures the police that she was raped by a young man in his twenties who denies the facts.

But that would be too simple, and add to that the following:

– Alexandre (the accused) has for father an animator of the public television (no, nothing …) old, odious, misogynist, quick to lead the trainees of his service to his room at the Raphael, and not only to show them the sight on Paris.

– Claire, Alexandre’s mother, is a feminist activist who denounces her associates refusing to condemn immigrants when they rape women, on the grounds that it would stigmatize them.

– This same Claire has rebuilt her life with Jean… who is the father of Mila (the accuser), who no longer supported her

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