Jean-Christophe Buisson: “A Baltic chouannerie”

CHRONICLE – A gripping film about anti-Russian and anti-communist resistance in Lithuania after 1944.

It is an anti-Communist Partisan war, so rarely told in history books or in the cinema. In Lithuania, the day after the liberation of the country occupied by the Nazis, men and women took up arms against the new invader: the Red Army. They called themselves the “Forest Brothers” and established their underground camps in the woods around the villages, harassing the troops of the NKVD and the new government subservient to Stalin. In the West, the Yalta accords oblige, we did not lift a finger to help these poor people prisoners on the other side of the “iron Curtain” (Churchill). The last strongholds surrendered at the end of the 1950s. In the meantime, tens of thousands of families, accused of protecting them, will have been deported to Siberia, their houses burned down, their children starved …

Tragic episode

To evoke this tragic episode in European history, Sharunas Bartas made two films in one. We first see the passage of a village

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