Jealousy, condescension and hypocrisy: Hollywood according to Bradley Cooper

Podcast guest Smartlessthe actor and director of A Star Is Bornreturned to the humiliations he suffered at Hollywood parties.

“I remember thinking, what the fuck is this town?”. In a recent episode of the podcast Smartless, hosted by American actors Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, Bradley Cooper has revealed that he has a complex relationship with the world of Hollywood, which he does not seem to appreciate. He tells in particular how, when he had just been nominated for an Oscar for his film A Star Is Born a director he admired at the time humiliated him at a party in Los Angeles.

This musical drama, in which he shares the screen with Lady Gaga, increased Bradley Cooper’s number of Oscar nominations by four (three nominations as an actor and one as a producer for american sniper ) to seven (best actor, best original screenplay and best film). A record that seemed to surprise this director who had then compared it to that of another actress, friend of Bradley Cooper, present at the party: “What world do we live in if you have seven nominations and she only has three?”.

“You have to be disturbed to do that”

Later in the show, the actor reveals another painful memory. When he had just been nominated for the 2013 Oscars for his role in Happiness therapy, an actress would have repeated to him, several times in the evening, with a condescending air: “You deserve this nomination”, implying that he only deserved this one and not the overall victory. Bradley Cooper remembers thinking then: “What the fuck is this town? Can you imagine saying that to someone? You have to be disturbed to do that”.

Bradley Cooper will soon star in Maestro , biographical film on the composer and musician Leonard Bernstein, which he directs. If its release, which will be on the Netflix platform, is only scheduled for 2023, the film is already highly anticipated and could be worth a few additional statuettes to add to the actor’s list.


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