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Japanese billionaire Yusaku Mejwa will go on a trip to the moon, he will also visit eight people for free

New Delhi: Many people wish to go to the moon. At the same time, billionaire Yusaku Mejawa of Japan is going to go to the moon soon. At the same time, he is also going to realize the dream of many people going to the moon along with him.

In fact, Yusaku Mejwa has invited eight people with him to take a walk near the moon. Yusaku will travel near the moon via SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s SpaceX aircraft. At the same time, Yusaku himself has revealed this by sharing a video.

In his video Yusaku has talked about taking eight people to the moon with him and for this he has also issued an application form. Giving information in his video, Yusaku said that he has bought all the tickets for this trip and it will be a personal journey in a way.

Who will bear the expenses?

Through his video Yusaku has said that he will bear the full cost of walking near the moon. In such a situation, the people who will join them, they will go to the space for free. At the same time, this journey will be carried out in 2023 and this mission has been named ‘Dear Moon’.

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