Japan develops device to prevent children from being left in cars

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Japanese tech companies are racing to launch products that could help end recent summer incidents involving children being left behind in vehicles. dangerous hot weather.

Cybernetech, an electronics development company based in Nogata, Fukuoka Prefecture, is designing a system that can detect children left behind in vehicles through built-in sensors, determining if there are people left. on the bus or driver’s seat, and monitor the vehicle’s temperature and movement.

Cybernetech began testing the system at kindergartens in Nogata in late 2021, after a 5-year-old boy died of heatstroke after being left on a school bus.

Through the system, the school can understand the situation inside the vehicle by accessing the monitoring program on the computer via wireless network. In case of being left in the car, children just need to press the “transfer call” button, the computer will issue an alert to the kindergarten staff to promptly provide a solution. With this system, even when the kindergarten facilities are busy, the staff can still regularly check the situation on the bus.

Meanwhile, another company, Topping Printing, has introduced a watch-based tracking system that has been tested at Kiitos Kindergarten in Chiba since last fall. The device is not only effective in tracking a child’s whereabouts, but also monitors biometrics such as pulse and blood pressure and other indicators of the wearer’s physical health.

In addition, Tokyo-based Sanyo Trading is preparing to introduce sensors, developed by European companies that can be installed on buses, in the Japanese market.

Many have advocated the introduction of new technologies to prevent potential problems in preschools, which are often understaffed.

However, according to Professor Masako Maeda of Konan University, Kobe, an expert on preschool monitoring systems, although technology can reduce accidents, it is safety awareness that is most important and staff Preschoolers must be trained to avoid accidents.

She believes that information technology should be applied in handling paperwork and other tasks to reduce the burden on kindergarten staff, allowing them to have more time to interact with children.

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