James Bond fans create kitty to redeem Die Can Wait and give it to the world at Christmas

The successive postponements of the release of the fifth mission of Daniel Craig in the tuxedo of 007, caused by the epidemic of coronavirus, gave the mad idea to the admirers of the secret agent to collect 600 million euros in order to acquire the rights to the film.

Through Figaro

James Bond 007 aficionados have created a fundraiser to buy back the rights to No Time to Die.
James Bond 007 aficionados have created a fundraiser to buy back the rights to No Time to Die. AFP / Mladen Antonov

From confinement to confinement, from postponement to postponement, James Bond fans end up despairing of seeing one day in the cinema To die can wait, the fifth and last mission of Daniel Craig in the tuxedo of 007. But like their invincible hero, a few stubborn bondophiles had an original idea to try to save the twenty-fifth adventure of the secret super-agent of MI6: to create a pharaonic kitty to buy the rights to the film so that it can then be shown to the whole world, like a Christmas present, from the first days of December 2020.

This somewhat crazy business germinated in the minds of these aficionados when they learned that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer had taken steps with streaming platforms. This world premiere, which would consist in releasing a planetary blockbuster outside the classic cinema circuit, however has a cost worthy of the megalomaniacal delusions of the sworn enemy of the handsome James, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Or 600 million euros hard and fast.

This colossal sum demanded by MGM, however, did not put off these impatient people who immediately created a fundraiser on the British crowdfunding site, GoFundMe.

Hope certainly keeps alive, but these admirers do not have the gigantic reserves of gold of the evil Auric Goldfinger that the late Sean Connery will kill on his third mission, more than half a century ago. After a few days of fundraising, fans of the hero imagined by Ian Fleming have amassed only miserable loot: 1,500 euros. Barely enough to buy a pair of Church’s to James Bond. They understood it at their expense, collecting is not playing …

The trailer for To die can wait by Cary Fukunaga with Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux, Rami Malek …


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