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Jaish’s warning to the President of France, said- willing to sacrifice his life to honor the Prophet

French President Emmanuel Macron has been opposed in many Muslim countries since the endorsement of cartoons against the Prophet. At the same time, French President Emmanuel Macron has been warned by the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed. Jaish says that the President of France and others like him should be prepared to make sacrifices in honor of the Prophet.

In an unsigned article in Jaish’s online journal Al-Kalam, Jaish wrote, “If not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, there will be Abdullah Checheny, Mumtaz Qadri and Ghazi Khalid.” Let me tell you that Abdullah Checheny killed a teacher in Paris last month. Apart from this, Mumtaz Qadri killed Pakistan’s leader Salman Taseer in 2011.

At the same time, Ghazi Khalid’s name is also associated with the murder. Khalid shot Tahir Ahmed Naseem. Tahir Ahmed Naseem was being prosecuted in Pakistan for alleged blasphemy in July this year. In this article titled ‘Muslim: Renunciation in honor of Prophet’, it is written, ‘If someone sins like blasphemy, then it gives birth to people like Abdullah. No Muslim will allow to go against the Prophet and burn the Quran.

Let us know that recently French President Emmanuel Macron supported the cartoon against the Prophet. Since then, there was a demonstration against President Emanuel in Pakistan. Apart from Pakistan, protests against Emanuel were also seen in many other countries. Emmanuel’s posters were burnt in many places in India too.


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