Jackson Hole: central banks’ high mass to save the world

Each year for 40 years, the Jackson Lake Lodge has been the world’s leading financial center. For 48 hours, it brings together about fifty central bankers, including that of the most influential economy for the markets, the United States. Due to the pandemic, the meeting will be held this Friday remotely, for the second year in a row.

This meeting space with a view of the snow-capped mountains does not have a “spa or weight room”, but it does have a swimming pool. An average of 120 people attend this conference each year, according to the Kansas City Federal Reserve, which hosts the event. They are above all foreign central bankers (45), members of the Federal Reserve (25), economists (24) whose work animates the debates, a dozen representatives of major international organizations (IMF, etc.) and a handful of ministers. (especially finance). In theory, there is no representative of the financial private sector, unless he has a double hat as a member of an international organization such as the “group of 30”, an institution that brings together 30 representatives of banks and former central bankers.

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