Jack Ma’s prediction came true

Jack Ma predicts that in the future, many industries in China will shift from using human resources to replacing them with machines.

In the past, many manual jobs such as fishing, farming or porters were the livelihoods of fishermen, farmers and construction workers. Today, however, those jobs are replaced by machines, with automatic watering machines, high-tech fish farms or transport lifts.

Currently, as the Internet grows constantly, 5G networks will quickly spread to rural areas and make life more convenient. The traditional workforce is more likely to be replaced by technological prowess.

The company hears the traditional worker 1

China is one of the leading 5G countries. Photo: AFP.

However, this is also a great challenge for the whole society. Many workers in China are in danger of being unemployed and the emergence of artificial intelligence makes them even more worried.

For a long time, the speed of Internet development has exceeded many people’s imagination. But with Jack MaChina’s richest billionaire and a pioneer in technology development, foresaw the future of society 30 years from now.

In 2019, Jack Ma declared: “Artificial intelligence is a great development opportunity for China. It is like a technological revolution, bringing changes in life, but causing many workers to lose their jobs ”.

Before that, Jack Ma accurately predicted the real estate situation in China. He said that when the government intensifies control of the housing market, the housing price fever will not last too long and everyone can buy a home. Today, this has come true.

Listening to the traditional labor force 2

Jack Ma is currently the second richest billionaire in China with a fortune of $ 58.4 billion. Photo: CNBC.

Jack Ma, along with his group, Alibaba has set up a self-service convenience store model, with no employees working in the store.

Immediately after its appearance, this business model received a lot of positive feedback and gradually became popular. People only need to scan the online payment code to leave, instead of waiting for the seller to charge as before.

In addition, this technology also allows traditional convenience stores to carry out digital conversion, using an automatic cashier system as a necessary standard. However, that makes the service staff at the counter unemployed.

In China, some factories have applied robots to assembly production lines. In the future, factory workers will be completely replaced by machines and robots.

With repetitive operations requiring high accuracy, robots can perform well the tasks and help businesses save costs.

The company heard the traditional labor force 3

China will have to solve the social security problem if workers are unemployed because of technology development. Photo: Getty Images.

Translation will be affected when a variety of text translation software appear with many different functions, from inputting, converting speech to text to checking spelling errors. They can quickly produce accurate translations that are not inferior to professional translators.

Likewise, drivers are at risk of being unemployed as autonomous technology is maturing and developing. In the near future, unmanned vehicles will popularize and spread autonomous technology to other means of transportation such as drones.

Finally, the banker. The era of digital development has brought about many online banking services. Procedures such as savings deposit, card opening or bank transfer can all be done on smartphones. Therefore, jobs in banks will be gradually narrowed.

In general, automated professions do not mean that Chinese people are unemployed. As long as they have enough good knowledge and skills, they can avoid the risk of being rejected in a developed society.

According to the Zing / Sina

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