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Jack Ma, seen after missing for several months, was missing worldwide

Alibaba and Ant Group co-founder Chinese industrialist Jack Ma have appeared in public after months of speculation, including an investigation into their internet empire. China’s most famous entrepreneur addressed teachers in an online conference on Wednesday. This program is part of an annual event related to the achievements of rural education, which takes place every year. Jack Ma’s appearance at the event first appeared in a local blog. After this, people associated with this case confirmed it.

Chinese government is investigating Jack Ma’s companies
Following the Chinese government’s investigation of his company, Ant Group and Alibaba Group Holding Limited, talks about his future may also be helped to stop Jack Ma’s public appearance. Jack Ma had not appeared in public since early November after Chinese regulators halted the Ant Group’s $ 35 billion IPO and began a separate antitrust investigation of Alibaba.

Jack Ma’s multi-billion dollar corporate empire has been raising questions since Assault that President Xi Jinping is considered a threat to political and financial stability. Therefore, this investigation is being done.

Tweet did not come after 10 October

The news of Jack Ma’s disappearance was intensified when he did not appear in the last episode of his own show ‘Business Hero of Africa’. Jack Ma’s tweet was last seen on October 10. Since then neither he had appeared nor did he have any tweet.

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